by Amy McInerney 21st December 2016

 Great News for North Whidbey Gem


Conservation easement protects 315 acres of this historic farm


The protection of this farm and forest landscape is a major success that your support of our operations made possible, allowing us to work with the landowner and partner with Island County and the Navy for funding. "Protecting Fakkema Farm is one of the most significant gifts I can imagine for my community," said County Commissioner Jill Johnson.


With its expansive open space and significant beauty so close to Oak Harbor, this land is highly valued by our community, especially North Whidbey residents. The farm's 215 acres of open fields and 100 acres of contiguous forest form an important wildlife corridor with abundant edge habitat. The land is also of vital importance to the water quality of both Swantown watershed and nearby Puget Sound.


"Protecting Fakkema Farm is one of the most significant gifts I can imagine for my community," 

said County Commissioner Jill Johnson. 


It is by far the largest farmland protection project ever completed in Island County. In fact, this single transaction increased the total farmland acreage the Land Trust has protected by almost 20 percent. To give this some perspective, the working farmland area of the property is almost double that of 3 Sisters Farm, previously the largest working farm protected by the Land Trust.


This project will also provide a new path to the beach! As part of the transaction, the Land Trust acquired an easement for a small parking lot and public walking trail along the northern boundary of the farm. Once the necessary funding is found, the future trail will link the outskirts of Oak Harbor to several miles of public tidelands parallel to West Beach Road, close to Joseph Whidbey State Park. 


We couldn't be happier to share this latest protection success with you, and hope you'll help us spread the good news! To view a map and additional information about the project visit our website




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Wednesday, 21st December 2016, 10:08pm.
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