Laurie Keith, LMP offers Neural Fascial Release to help people feel more alive and empowered in healing through bodywork.

by Carolyn Tamler 5th June 2017

By Carolyn Tamler


In 1993 Laurie was looking for a new place to live that felt safe for her 5 year old daughter to run outdoors and play. She had been living in Seattle when her house and car were broken into. Soon after, on a visit to Whidbey Island when she asked people what they most loved about living on the island, nearly everyone said, “The wonderful community!” That was the magic answer that motivated her to move to Whidbey. She established her massage practice on the island that same year.


Before Seattle, Laurie grew up in Pennsylvania and lived on the East Coast for several years. Even as a young girl she was driven to do something to heal the planet. Thinking of the Foreign Service, she learned Chinese, and moved to Taiwan where she lived and worked for two years. While there she studied acupuncture and discovered the concept that people have the power to change their bodies and heal themselves. Previously she had thought she, and everyone else who was sick, was a helpless victim of a bug or bad luck.


Her interest in healing inspired her to decline attending Stanford University, where she had been accepted for a Masters Degree in East Asian Studies and Education. Instead, she followed her heart and enrolled in a school in New Mexico offering a hands-on healing program called “Polarity Therapy.” At the school, she had her first massage. That was over 25 years ago.


Originally she considered these studies a prerequisite to an Acupuncture degree, but as she deepened her skills of healing without needles, she found the work to be so effective and fascinating that she chose to continue to focus her skills as a massage therapist and not go on to acupuncture.




Regarding her work, Laurie says, “I listen for what each person needs in the moment and then draw from my “toolbox” of techniques gathered from my studies, experience and teaching for more than 25 years.”  “Tools” she might choose to use include things like subtle energy work, specific tendonitis injury treatment, coaching new movement and gait patterns, working with soft tissue to clear emotional and mental belief patterns, and often a combination of these and others. One of her clients on the testimonial page of her website says, “Laurie is amazing. She is a magician. I can go dancing now!  Wow, changed my whole disposition. It's a miracle!”


With her years of experience, Laurie says she still loves learning new methodologies, and finds she has an endless interest in the human body and energy. Her current passion is Neural Fascial Release. She describes this as “unwinding the stuck structures of the body to make the brain work better”. She says that by focusing on rehabilitating nerves that have been deadened by tight connective tissue (fascia) the whole nervous system can function better. And the work is deeply relaxing and frees the body for greater ease of movement and balance. Laurie adds, “I am continually humbled at the magic and mystery of the human form, and it is an honor and privilege to help people feel more alive, relaxed and healthy.”


If you would like to have an initial massage appointment and learn more about “Neural Fascial Release” or any of the other techniques she uses to help people heal, contact Laurie at or call her at 360-899-8015. You can visit her website at to learn more about her work and testimonials. Her studio is in Langley.

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Monday, 5th June 2017, 08:59pm.
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