Outcast productions announces its eigth season

by Carolyn Tamler 13th March 2018


by Carolyn Tamler


Ned Farley and K. Sandy O’Brien, the founders and Co-Artistic Directors of Outcast Productions, are pleased and proud to announce the new season for their company operating in the Black Box Theater at the former Island County Fair Grounds in Langley. Farley notes, “Our loyal patron base continues to grow, and we are drawing many theater goers who are coming from off-island.”


The new season includes:

  • ANNOYANCE by Sam Bobrick, directed by K. Sandy O'Brien, March 16 – 31
  • Slowgirl by Greg Pierce, directed by Edward Jordon - May 18-June 2
  • NEW WORKS PROJECT: Over My Dead Body, by Suzanne Kelman, director to be announced, June 30 & July 1
  • $38,000 For A Friendly Face, by Kristin Shepherd, directed by Laura Berkley Boram - September 14-29
  • The Hotel Belleclaire, Book & Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa, Music by Kezia Hirsey, directed by Ned Farley - November 2-17 (World Premiere)


Establishing the theater at the fairgrounds required a good deal of work. The improvements and alterations to the building included: painting the entire space, converting it into a true black box theater, creating new seating, and hanging light bars for lighting to free up more space, expanding the stage to allow for larger cast shows, the addition of a tech booth and insulated dressing rooms, and a greatly improved sound system.








 Welcome to the 2018 OutCast Season!


ANNOYANCE by Sam Bobrick, directed by K. Sandy O'Brien

- March 16-31

In the first scene, a very annoying man goes to see a woman therapist in the hopes that she will help him become less annoying. He drives her over the edge. In the second scene, he sees her husband, also a therapist, and drives him over the edge. In the third scene, he sees both therapists, who have decided to take drastic measures to rid the world of this most obnoxious man. Of course it doesn't go as planned.

  Slowgirl by Greg Pierce, directed by Edward Jordon - May 18-June 2
SLOWGIRL is the story of a teenager who flees to her reclusive uncle's retreat in the Costa Rican jungle to escape the aftermath of a horrific accident. The week they spend together forces them both to confront who they are as well as what it is they are running from.

    NEW WORKS PROJECT: Over My Dead Body, by Suzanne Kelman, directed by TBA - June 30 & July 1
When an out of work actor can only get a part as a dead body on stage, he thinks he has hit an all time low. That is until he meets his understudy who would do anything to play the corpse even if that means murdering any "body" that stands in his way. 

    $38,000 For A Friendly Face, by Kristin Shepherd, directed by Laura Berkeley Boram - September 14-29
$38,000 For a Friendly Face is a heartfelt comedy set in a funeral home. An unpleasant woman dies and her two estranged daughters arrive at a small town funeral home for the celebration of life. Matt is new in the funeral home business and is trying his earnest best to provide a good service.  The women of the last supper committee are preparing food for the event. A young woman arrives with a total three flowers for the service. It becomes apparent that no one else is coming. Relationships disintegrate over the morning. $38,000 For a Friendly Face takes a humorous look at what matters most in relationships -- in families, in friendships, and in celebrations of life.

    The Hotel Belleclaire, Book & Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa, Music by Kezia Hirsey, directed by Ned Farley - November 2-17 (World Premiere)
Marilyn, Eve and Gloria meet over five years sharing their collective journeys towards their inevitable golden years.  They muddle through divorce, loss and graying hair accompanied by a fun, uplifting original score, discovering that love and enduring true friendship are the real ingredients making all the difference in the world and the Hotel Belleclaire.  Drop in for a visit!
   Please Check the New Website at:www.outcastproductions.net



Outcast Productions is looking for support for on-going capital improvements:

While OutCast Productions operates its budget primarily from ticket sales revenue, there are currently fund-raising initiatives for capital improvements of the theater space.   Recent theater improvements have included new seating and a ductless heating/cooling system which vastly improved both the comfort for patrons as well as better sightlines of the stage.  The capital campaign for these improvements raised the $7000 necessary to pay for approximately 75% of the renovation costs.


Outcast Productions has started an additional campaign to raise funds for new stage lighting to replace the current high energy use lighting with low, LED energy efficient stage lighting which will not only dramatically increase the flexibility for the lighting designer but also decrease the amount of electricity utilized and allow for more light instruments to be available for use. The initial estimate for the ultimate “wish list” is in the vicinity of $30,000 - $40,000; however realistically the plan is to meet these needs gradually, starting with a basic lighting package and adding to it when possible.  Grants are also being written to subsidize as much of the cost as possible.  Outcast Productions is currently aiming to raise funds through a capital campaign in increments of $2,000.  For more information, visit the Facebook page for Outcast Productions.

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