Governor's mask mandate in Island County

by Rick Felici 25th June 2020


A message from Sheriff Rick Felici:


In response to Governor Inslee’s press release yesterday, we are fielding a lot of questions about what you can expect from the Island County Sheriff’s Office during the governors statewide mask mandate.


Our position hasn’t changed since our last post on the topic. Our priority is the safety of the public. During COVID-19 restrictions, we will be focusing on educating people on how to best help keep themselves, their families, and our communities safe, especially our most vulnerable members.


When deputies encounter people who are not complying with the governor’s order, we will remind them of the current restrictions and the reasons for them with a goal of education and voluntary participation as we all work to reduce the impact of this virus.


We have no desire to be arrest or ticket anyone for violations of the current restrictions.


Our community continues to show that we are taking this infection threat seriously. We are individually and collectively doing good things to help control the spread of Covid-19. As we continue to balance these new challenges with limited resources, we ask that you please continue to help stop the spread by doing your part.


We are very much aware of the difficulty this pandemic has created for our families, businesses and community.


Working together to shorten the physical and economic impact of this event is still our only real option.


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25th June 2020 12:00 am.
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