Oyster Gardening

by WhidbeyLocal May 05 - Jun 02
A private residence in Freeland and SWPRD Room 111
May 05 - Jun 02

Learn to cultivate these seafood gems!




Discover the fun and satisfaction of cultivating your own oyster garden on your beach. Learn about suitable beaches, gear, oyster types, and health and environmental considerations. You will assemble gear for your garden and receive oyster seed to begin growing oysters. The 3-day class will include a visit to an oyster garden and classroom time. Gardening experience is very helpful and will help you understand the attention required to maintain your oyster garden. Participants should have access to a private beach suitable (details online) for oyster growing, either through ownership or agreement with the owner.


Instructor: Kurt Johnson has spent over 30 years in the shellfish farming industry from owning a mussel and oyster farm to developing nursery and grow-out systems for mussels, oysters, scallops and geoducks in the US, Mexico and Canada. Email: kwjohn@whidbey.com


Location: A private residence in Freeland and SWPRD Room 111


Min 5 / Max 10 (Households count as one)


Sat | May 5 (2-5pm); May 12 (9am-12pm); and Jun 2 (1-3pm) | $25*


*Fee is per household. Additional materials fee of $170, to be collected after determining suitability of your beach for an oyster garden. Materials fee provides oyster bags, oyster seed, and gear for securing bags to the beach.


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