Pine Cottage Chalet & Grotto

3827 McKay Dr, Langley, WA, USA, 98260 | Directions
by WhidbeyLocal 18.07.11
We so enjoyed the serenity and beauty of your chalet. We especially appreciated the hospitality, privacy and location! The views are spectacular and we really were impressed with the quality and comfort your provided for us. We'll be back soon. Thank you.

Steve and Conne Kirkpatrick, San Clemente, CA

The pines yielded their wood for all who stay here. The stones around the fireplace store the warmth, and return it. All elements gracious, ceilings, spacious- Here, one can rest. Thank you so much,

Rick and Jocelyn. Seattle, WA.

It is always such a delight to unwind at the chalet. It's the perfect environment to forget the daily grind of life in city.

Betsy Veverka, Seattle, WA.

We were looking for peace and quiet and a day of rest. We found it in your beautiful Chalet. And the view....

Judy Bence and John Alley. Renton, WA.

I want to stay here forever!

Peter Mack, Seattle, WA.

Mom read in the hammock, Susan sketched, dad loved the deck, we all succumbed to the sea, serene and snug in this lovely aerie.

Guy and Florence Paredes, NJ

Your chalet is the definition of tranquility, we enjoyed every aspect of the place from the setting to the amenities to the "small touches" you've added. We'll be sure to tell our friends. Thanks,

Mike and Jennifer, Seattle, WA.