The Orchard Kitchen by Vincent Nattress...Please watch..

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When we bought our farm in Bayview on Whidbey Island, our vision was to keep this historic site a working farm. Our passion lies in food and hospitality, so instead of the traditional farm model we intend to create a "food hub"; a place where we can celebrate and share passion for food and farming. We want to do our best to enrich the fabric of the burgeoning food community here on Whidbey Island. We intend to create this kitchen as a place for food lovers from all over to gather, to cook the spectacular local produce, and to nourish ourselves. We will cook in small, hands-on classes, and then sit down and enjoy it together in a real farm setting. We believe that creating this "food hub" will be an integral part of enriching the local community by providing an interactive and educational food experience for guests and families that are staying on the island. We believe that Whidbey Island can be a destination for everyone, young and old, to come and experience. Vincent grew up here, on an old farm property that has since lost it's barn to a fire and several of its out buildings to decay. Like so many old properties, if they do not have a purpose it is just a matter of time until they wither away. Old farms, local food and farmers are important to us. Food matters to us, and our food community matters even more.That is why in 2010 we worked with others to help found Slow Food Whidbey Island, of which Vincent is the current Chairman. As we have built our catering business we have worked with a lot of farmers and cheese makers and bakers and wineries. Vincent's passion is to cook and to teach. Tyla's passion is for outstanding service. You can read about that here at, but that isn't the point of this appeal. This campaign is to fund the conversion of an existing 720 square foot out building into a kitchen and cooking school right next to our newly re-planted Orchard. We will succeed in creating this kitchen and with the help of our community we will launch the project sooner, rather than later. We are confidant that we can be stewards of this great piece of history. Will you join us? Visit us at this address:
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