WhidbeyLocal started in 2011 with a website named WhidbeyLocal.com. Devoted to informing residents of island happenings, and supporting businesses on Whidbey Island through internet marketing, WhidbeyLocal.com continues today to serve the online marketing needs of the community. Today you’ll find us on the first page of Google search results for hundreds of searches having to with Whidbey Island products and services.

Along the way, another website was added to help get the word out to off island visitors about the many splendors of our beautiful island, and the businesses that serve tourists needs. WhidbeyIsland.us is now one of the top ranked tourist-oriented websites promoting the island tourism economy.

More recently, WhidbeyLocal began creating and hosting websites. By offering affordable and effective websites, we help both businesses and non-profit organizations prosper by enhancing their online presence.

If you would like to learn about marketing opportunities on our websites, or our website design and hosting services, please give me a call.

We can review your needs and goals, and determine if we have a program that will help your business or organization grow.

Whidbey Island is my all-time favorite place to live. If you live here, or have visited the island, you likely know why that's true!

We appreciate being part of the community and look forward to many more years of service to all who live here.


Paul Hendrickson