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In today’s marketing world, if you can’t get found easily and often on the internet, you’re missing out on new business.

Google states 92% of purchases made within 20 miles of home are first researched on the internet. We help you get found on the internet through our site.

When consumers search for information on their desktops, laptops and mobile devices they want results that are useful to them. Studies show consumers are usually searching for local information, especially when it comes to products and services they want to buy. That’s why our site is devoted almost exclusively to Whidbey Island businesses and residents.

Our affordable programs help you effectively market your business to people on the island, and around the world. Programs start at just $16.58 per month on average.

All businesses on Whidbey Island are welcome to have a free listing* on our website. This includes your business name, address, phone number, and one keyword to help people find you on our website. Let me know if you’d like to take advantage of this offer.

Marketing your business successfully means you need to be part of the internet in as many ways as possible.

Call today and we'll talk about where you are with your current marketing program, what your goals are, and how we can help you develop a strategy to reach them.

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For information on advertising opportunities, or to schedule a presentation, please contact Paul Hendrickson at (360) 989-4040

*Note: Business listings consist of name, address and phone number only.  Any other enhancement of the listing will be subject to advertising charges.


Our Testimonials:

"Paul offers a service that is beneficial to all businesses, but especially to small business owners. has increased my customer visits & business sales. I think Paul's company is a very important means to bring more business, both local & tourist, to your company. Paul worked with me to make sure I had all the proper words to drive people to my website and business. I feel Paul took time to understand my needs, and my business. I highly recommend Paul, Jo Anna & to all businesses. It is an investment that has increased exposure to my company Whidbey Inspiration, more than any other means of advertizing that I have used in the past. Great job Paul, and thank you for your service---. Lynn Copeland

Hello Paul,
Thank you so much for helping us to advertise on Whidbey   We had several calls from our listing with you & all of them have become clients.  Creative Gardens is happy to benefit from working with you and JoAnna. Thank you for all your hard work.  We believe Whidbey local is the best place for businesses to advertise on Whidbey island.    Robert Rochholz & Kristin Hummel, Creative Gardens Inc. 360-678-5706

I just renewed my annual marketing program with I receive new clients each month, which gives me a great return on my investment. There’s nothing else I do that works like, and I recommend you check them out for help marketing your business.  They really work with you and consider what’s best for you. Thanks, Paul for taking the time to explain everything so well.” Karry Brooks, Owner All Critter Pet Care, Oak Harbor

" was exactly what I needed when I first started my business. I didn't have my own website up and running yet, and I needed to have an online presence as soon as possible.  Almost immediately, I received calls from potential patients to make appointments.    And the staff at are very friendly and professional.  It's been a great experience from the very beginning and I would highly recommend them.  I've been with them for just over two years now, and intend on working with them for many more years to come." Sincerely, Kristine Jarrell, Au.D.Hearing Health Services - 107 S. Main Street - Suite A102 Coupeville, WA  98239 (360)-678-1423

Hello Paul
We have been very pleased with the results of my listing on Whidbey Locals. We definitely have a bigger presence on the web.  A lot more of our calls are people who found us on this site.  Thank you! Manuel & Kristy, Island Spa & Garden

I have worked in the catering and restaurant business’ for 7 years on Whidbey Island. It is my experience in the last 2 years that the Whidbey Local website and services has been a huge asset to the business model in regards to reliable and well received advertisement. As a local worker and a resident of Whidbey Island for 22 years, Whidbey Local provides a long needed services/business directory tailored to the needs of our local economy. Paul Hendrickson has been a great contact for the Whidbey Local advertisement and is more than willing to go above and beyond to help any business get the word out. He was personally able to guide me adjusting information on the website to maximize efficiency in the available advertising space and I look forward to future business with Mr. Hendrickson. Whidbey Local should be a go to business for all services on Whidbey Island.  Alena Stapel  Event Coordinator – Front Street Grill

I’ve had a marketing program with for 3 years. In my first year, I got enough new clients in the first 45 days of the program to pay for the entire year.They give me reports showing how people have searched on for the products and services I offer. Each year the number of times my program appears has gone up significantly, and so has the number of new clients I get.Even though my own website appears on the first page of many Google search results, I still use their services. I believe getting found often on the internet is really important  in today’s marketing world, and they help me do this.There is nothing else like WhidbeyLocalSearch. They are an affordable and effect marketing tool for reaching new customers not only in my local community, but of course from any place in the world because of their presence on the internet.The customer service has been excellent, and I am very pleased with the results. I recommend their program to any business owner who wants more exposure on the internet. It works for me!

John Kline, Owner,The Dogwood Pet Resort, Oak Harbor, WA

Useless Bay Golf & Country Club has had a listing on WhidbeyLocal for 3 years. Each year we receive numerous views to our listing, several hits to our own website and have also gained new members who found us on  We update our listing every quarter and the team at WhidbeyLocal has been very responsive and professional to work with.  WhidbeyLocal is widely used by viewers, low maintenance for us and pays for itself.  I highly recommend it!

Christi Karvasek, Member Services Manager,Useless Bay Golf & Country Club, 360.321.5960

We’ve been satisfied clients of for 4 years, and rely on them to help our business get found on the internet. The program we have with them works for us. We’ve had people tell us they found us on, and the return on investment more than meets our expectations. Their sales approach is more consulting than sales, and I never feel pressured when discussing our program with them.  I recommend them to any business on the island that wants to get new business from the internet with an affordable marketing program.  Jim Longworth, Northwest Cabinets and Countertops, Oak Harbor WA