IC Teriyaki in Freeland is doing a delicious job filling a food gap on South Whidbey

by Carolyn Tamler Read
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Serving all of Whidbey...
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by WhidbeyLocal 26.04.22
Ryan and Steve, Your crew is doing outstanding work and am extremely pleased. They are careful with their installation techniques and also, with refraining from hard drops of material on the roof. Thanks to Steve for this morning and letting me know the schedule and expediting and coordinating and what to expect! I...
by paul 09.09.21
Awesome customer service. Outstanding prices and selection. Brian H.
by paul 20.08.21
I went in to Habitat because they had a 'Sofa Sale' sign up on their marquis. (I've needed a new couch for a few years now, and I had never changed out my parents furniture after they passed, and left me my home. It will be 7 years since I have owned my house, and I finally felt that I could make it my own.) That...
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