Cereal photographer stalks Whidbey Island

by King5 1st December 2015

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. -- It's rare when you get to combine your two greatest passions. For 15-year-old Emma Wezeman, hers go together like cereal and milk.


More specifically, like Cheerios and photography. Emma is the Ansel Adams of the cereal aisle.


"I just love Cheerios," she said. "I always have a little bag of them with me."


One day, Emma's fondness for the aforementioned breakfast food followed her to a camping trip, where she snapped a few photos of the circular cereal.


"My friends told me it looked really cool and I should create an Instagram for them," she said.


Emma did just that.


The account, @travels_with_cheerios, caught the eye of Cheerios maker General Mills, who posted a story about Emma on their blog.

She was as happy as a kid jacked up on Froot Loops.


"I screamed at the person sitting next to me, 'This is happening! This is happening!'"

Emma is a photography student at Oak Harbor High School and always keeps a stash of her favorite snack nearby. She says the project has actually helped her become a better photographer, sharpening her eye and attention to detail.


Plus, how many of us get to eat our work at the end of the day?


"It's really satisfying," she said with a laugh.


Since she started, Emma turned into a bit of a toasted oat tooth fairy, leaving a trail of treats on trees and twigs wherever she goes, until her mindful mom put a stop to that.


"I used to not eat them and kind of just leave them in different places," the sophomore said. "My mom said that was wasteful, so now I eat them all."


(Originally shown on King5)

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Tuesday, 1st December 2015, 09:19pm.
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