Toni Marthaller created Women to Wellness to match up with her views of good healthcare

by Carolyn Tamler 4th January 2016

By Carolyn Tamler


Women to Wellness, which opened in Greenbank in 2012, is the culmination of Toni Marthaller’s vision for how she wanted to spend the rest of her professional life.


Toni Marthaller, ARNP, had been a family nurse practitioner for ten years before she decided to open her integrative clinic. Instead of the traditional system where a patient has vitals recorded by various assistants and the healthcare provider spends 10 minutes with the person, Marthaller handles every element of patient contact at Women to Wellness. Her assessment, and her personal connection, begins when she walks out to greet the patient: “When I say ‘Hello’ and escort them back to the examination room, I get a clear understanding of the person’s mood, energy and functional levels.”  


Marthaller believes that good health is a combination of body, mind, spirit and environment working together in the best possible ways. She deems her practice “comprehensive and integrative” and draws from traditional and alternative medicine and nursing resources. She adds, “I knew I had much more to offer to my patients regarding health and wellness, and I wanted to spend more time with each person and create a deeper relationship.” Appointments are generally 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


Toni Marthaller


Attending college in her hometown of Longview, Washington, Marthaller was initially interested in nutrition, but after the physician and midwife assisted home birth of her first child, she decided she wanted to become a nurse and massage therapist. She first obtained an AA degree in Nursing from Lower Columbia College; later she obtained a massage license.


She moved to Whidbey Island in 1989 and commuted to Seattle and Everett as an agency nurse; then worked nine years as a public health nurse. During that time, she returned to school at the University of Washington and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and became increasingly interested in the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse.


Ultimately, with a desire for a more clinically focused practice, she switched from public health to home health and hospice nursing. She returned to school and graduated as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner from Gonzaga University in 2002. While in graduate school, she created a business plan for her own integrative health practice.


After 10 years with Whidbey General Hospital’s South Whidbey Community Clinic she fulfilled her vision with the opening of Women to Wellness. The location in Greenbank was a perfect fit for her work.


In addition to caring for her patients at Women to Wellness, Marthaller now offers Detox and Discovery Classes, and other classes about ways to remove toxins and enjoy better all-around health.


For information about Women to Wellness, and Toni Marthaller, visit the website:, or give Toni a call at 360-222-3131.



The next six-week Detox and Discovery Class, will be held Wednesday evenings, January 13th through February 17th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 2812 E Meinhold Road, Langley.  Cost is $180.  Visit the website to register.


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