Jenna Alexander invites you to experience Dewdrop Hypnotherapy to create positive changes in your life

by Carolyn Tamler 12th September 2016


By Carolyn Tamler


Jenna Alexander began practicing hypnotherapy with her friends and family over a year ago, and the responses were so encouraging, she decided to create Dewdrop Hypnotherapy in the Sojourn Studios at the Bayview Cash Store in November of last year. Since she started her business, it has grown, mostly by word-of-mouth, and she is continuing to receive praise and referrals.


Before she created Dewdrop Hypnotherapy, Jenna worked in some high quality restaurants on Whidbey Island. She notes, “Waiting on customers helps you learn how to read people and create connections,” both qualities which are essential to providing healing therapies to people. Her business also reflects an idea she had from when she was six years old: “We can manifest things from our thoughts.”   She adds, “Even as a little girl I read a lot of books about positive thinking and understanding people.”



The major motivator for her learning to become a professional hypnotherapist came from when she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and during her healing process, she had a lot of time to research and study ways to promote healing. She learned to practice hypnotherapy on herself and it helped her cope with some of the symptoms and also to visualize her own healing.


She became a certified hypnotherapist from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, which allowed her to do her studies on line. It took her a year of studying videos, taking tests and working with an on-line tutor to complete her certification.



When she decided to start her own practice, she had a lot of support from her husband and three teenage children, and other family members.


She offers hypnotherapy sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Jenna points out that someone must be a willing participant to be able to be hypnotized, despite some television and stage demonstrations that suggest someone could be made to do something they didn’t want to if they were hypnotized:  “There are many myths about hypnosis including that it’s a form of mind control, that people are unconscious and unware while being hypnotized and that people can be made to do things they don’t want to do But this is not the case or intention; it is meant to be empowering.”


She is very satisfied with the results she has observed. “I’ve had seen people quit smoking, reduce their anxieties and get over past fears.”  She adds, “Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go in and out of to some degree every day. We may as well benefit from it.”


Jenna Alexander invites those who want to know more about hypnotherapy to make an appointment for a no obligation 15 minute phone consultation by calling 425-273-1456. You can also visit her website at , or email her at


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