Cast Announcement for Alice in Wonderland Jr.

by Janis Powell 15th June 2017

Cast Announced for Alice in Wonderland JR.



Travel down the rabbit hole and join Alice, played by Alisha Coker, Ella Langrock and Ashely Berry. The ever-curious Alice begins her journey innocently enough as she chases the White Rabbit, played by Kayla Roasino.  Her adventures become increasingly stranger as she races the Dodo Bird (Ethan Nix), gets tied up with Tweedle Dee (Jessica Turner) and Tweedle Dum (Andrew Gibson), raps with a bubble-blowing Caterpillar (Tatyanna Moore) and beats the Queen of Hearts (Rhiannon Chapman) at her own game!







Small Alice

Ashley Coker

Lead Cardsman 

Jonathan Brady

Talking Fish

Linndsy Scheer


Ella Langrock


Preston Turner


Katie Tanner

Tall Alice

Ashely Berry

Cardsman A



Georgi Ondo

Cheshire Cat 1

Trinity Slowik


Ava Gilmore


Ellie Collette

Cheshire Cat 2

Eva Sprague


IIy Gilmore


Anabella Stone

Cheshire Cat 3

Zoe Gilmore


Laila Hernandez



White Rabbit

Kayla Roasina


Logan Hernandez



Tweedle Dee

Jessica Turner


Ashley Mendez

Lobsters A


Tweedle Dum

Andrew Gibson


Mia Mendez


Zoe Scott


Sabrina Loomis

Cardsman B



Eva Bidwell

Rose (Flower)

Sadie Marriott


Keira Sprague


Cheyenne Hensen

Tulip (Flower)

Cheyenne Barrett


Lila Danielson


Katrina Brady

Daffodil (Flower)

Amiya Danielson


Clara Schlecht


Meekah Amadio

Petunia (Flower)

Chloe Nix


Fallon Rice



Lily (Flower)

Myah Corella


Eden Wilcox



Violet (Flower)

Maggie Garrett


Josie Gammache

Lobsters B


Daisey (Flower)

Faith Crawford






Tatyana Moore




Hannah Bassett

Mad Hatter

Hailey Winch




Megan Cantrell

March Hare

Julia Schlecht




Kayla Klieman

Queen of Hearts

Rhiannon Chapman




Merrill Walther

King of Hearts

Luis Meyer




Katie Tabar


MaKenzi Hiatt





Dodo Bird

Ethan Nix





Head Royal Cardsman

Warren Rogers



Caterpillar Body


Royal Cardsman 1

Max Gammache




Na'ima Vera

Royal Cardsman 2

Joey Schlecht




Riley Hassell

Royal Cardsman 3

Roland Garrett




Lila Crawford

Royal Cardsman 4

Benjamin Sprague




Irajoy Abrea



Featuring updated songs from the thrilling animated motion picture , Disney's Alice in Wonderland JR. is a fast paced take on the classic tale. Alice in Wonderland JR. runs July 20 through July 30. Performances are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 with Sunday Matinees at 2:30. Contact the Whidbey Playhouse located at 730 SE Midway Blvd, call at 360-679-2237, or visit our website at


Come and experience the fun!  There will be a Singalong afterward!

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Thursday, 15th June 2017, 04:11pm.
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