Raven Rocks Gallery celebrates 11 years at the Greenbank Farm

Raven Rocks Gallery owners Mary Jo Oxrieder and DM Windwalker Taibi were proud and excited to celebrate 11 years at Greenbank Farm on November 1, 2019. Raven Rocks Gallery features the artwork of Mary Jo Oxrieder and DM Windwalker Taibi, as well as many emerging and renowned and nationally known local and regional artists.


When Mary Jo and Windwalker found each other on the internet 17 years ago, it was an immediate love match. Part of their joy in being together was, and is, their mutual passion for art and making art. When they realized they had, indeed, found their true loves, they re-plotted their lives and moved to Whidbey Island where their inner “tree hugger” could flourish. After several successful art shows in the Bayview Cash Store’s Front Room, they grabbed the opportunity to try their hand at a storefront business with Goosefoot’s “Flash in the Pan” program that offered space for start-up businesses.


Realizing that having their own gallery would be a huge incentive to focus on and create consistently, they were lured to Greenbank Farm with an offer they couldn’t refuse. It was the perfect setting for their more introverted natures – filled with natural beauty, a favorite location for Island residents and the perfect spot for visitors to linger with its variety of art, food, wine and décor shops, walking trails, gardens and easy parking.



Raven Rocks Gallery has created a world-wide following over the last decade with its whimsical offerings, a variety of fine art and unique crafts that touch the heart and inspire the soul. Much of the art comes from the outpourings of the owners – hand woven tapestry wall hangings, watercolor and acrylic paintings, the “Ravens in Love” series, necklaces, fantasy houses, Scrapper dolls, hand knit hats, crocheted bowls, handspun yarn, prints and cards. Besides the work of the owner/artists, Raven Rocks Gallery hosts the work of 9 very special local artists. They offer hand carved driftwood feathers, designer clothes and scarves, pastel and oil paintings, Naked Raku pottery, beach-themed jewelry, felted pieces and mixed media and photography wall art.


Most appreciated by gallery visitors is the atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility and beauty, as well as its colorful, dynamic and whimsical creations. And as a bonus, when one of the owners is working at the gallery, something is in the process of creation and they will gladly explain their process. With upright tapestry looms and a spinning wheel available, the gallery is Windwalker’s fiber arts studio. Mary Jo knits, crochets, makes bookmarks and assembles her greeting cards and sometimes writes quotes on smooth beach rocks when she is at the gallery.



Everyone is invited to join Raven Rocks for their thanks and appreciation event every 2nd Saturday of each month, from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Raven Rocks Gallery is located at Greenbank Farm, 765 Wonn Road C-101, Greenbank, WA 98253. Hours are 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Thursday - Monday. For information please call 360-222-0102 or visit the website at .ravenrocksgallery.com


Raven Rocks Gallery can also be found on Facebook and Instagram



Raven Rocks Gallery Presents: “Bright Shiny Objects: Gallery Artist’s Group Show”

January 1 – 31, 2020

When we think of January at Raven Rocks Gallery, we think of color. With the short, darker days, unlocking the gallery doors and throwing the lights on makes us smile. Everywhere we look is an amazement of color – some bold and wild, like Mary Jo’s art work, Lucky Fish or Scrappers or more subtle, like the bits of color and sparkle spun into Windwalker’s Tapestry yarns. There are flashes of color on Helen Nind’s jewelry. Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven can always be counted on for colorful felted art. Check out Showcase Mosaics pieces for a wow of color and drama. The list goes on: Judy Skinner’s lovely pastel paintings, Marcia Van Doren’s whimsical oil paintings, Tuesday Sands array of sweet heartful art. And, if you want to wear color, go through the gorgeous one-of-a-kind art clothing by designer Teri Jo Summer.



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