Lost Navy jet found in Puget Sound

by Ryan Takeo, King 5 News 28th October 2015

Ryan Takeo, King 5 News

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. – The idea of finding a missing A-6 Intruder in Puget Sound has been in the back of Peter Hunt's mind for years.


"I've always entertained, since it went down, someday looking for and finding it," Hunt said.


Hunt says he flew in the same squadron as those who ejected from a troubled training flight on Nov. 6, 1989. Both the pilot and co-pilot were rescued by helicopter and survived, but the plane was never recovered.


Last week, Hunt, with the help from divers from the Maritime Documentation Society, found the downed plane.


Hunt said he become focused on finding the plane during 2014 when his Parkinson's disease worsened.



(Photo credit from King 5 news)

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Wednesday, 28th October 2015, 12:59pm.
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