Whidbey Island People of Service (POS)

by WhidbeyLocal Jun 21 - Dec 20
Useless Bay Country Club Freeland, | Directions
Jun 21 - Dec 20

People is Service (POS), is a support group for men and women caregivers!
As we age, we all deal with health issues, some better or worse. As a result, emotions such
as love, caring, and compassion for a life partner become even more critical.
The purpose of POS is to provide a venue for caregivers to share and hear others speak to
their situation(s) and challenges.

POS is for spouses who, as a result of physical or mental distress of a loved one (wife,
husband, or partner), have taken on the role of part-time or full-time caregiver. And, all are

POS’ Primary Goals are:
1. To meet with fellow part or full-time caregivers.
2. To provide opportunities for all to speak to their unique situation and challenges.
3. To hear how others are addressing and responding to their situations.
4. To know we are not alone.

When my wife Helene had a seizure last year, she was non-responsive.
I thought I had lost her. My heart ached. I cried and prayed! When she started responding, came off the ventilator, and out of ICU, I was overjoyed! I was told she needed 24/7 supervision, in case she had another seizure. I gladly took on that responsibility. Then in September,she was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s.

The upside is that I still have her, and we do have a wonderful life these days, holding each day as a gift! Nothing makes my heart sing more than when she expresses joy, laughter, and love! And, there are daily challenges for both of us.

Over the past 30 years, I have facilitated many groups of men and woman, both in person and via Zoom and have adopted guiding principles for group meetings. These include:

• Sharing is always voluntary.
• Embrace each person’s sharing with respect.
• Listen to understand and empathize with their feelings.
• Honor each attendee, his or her truth, and the gift each brings.
• Take personal responsibility for your input, use "I" statements - Don’t project like everyone is a certain way.
• Ask questions for clarification after a sharing is complete.
• Respect confidentiality.

What MOS is not about:

1. Negatively judging another’s truth or situation.
2. “Fixing” someone.
3. Coaching, therapy, or counseling.

I will host the meetings, and the only rigid rules are we honor each person in attendance, giving him or her the floor to share without interruption and keeping what is shared confidential.

We will meet monthly on the third Tuesday at Useless Bay Country Club from 10-noon.
Meeting length will be determined by group size and length of sharing (there is no time limit).

Also Important:

For your safety and the safety of others, we will adhere to current Washington State Covid protocols. You must be fully vaccinated. Currently, wearing a protective mask is optional. Both water and coffee will be available during our meeting. While you may not have a need to attend POS, and you may know of a man or woman who is in a caregiver situation and could benefit. Useless Bay Club member or not, please forward this invitation to him or her. Again, all are welcome!

I look forward to our time together.
In Service,
Ron Roesler
(360) 720-9563

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