Tom Trimbath

Serving Whidbey Island, Clinton, WA, US, 98236
I am an odd mix who has gotten that way by flowing along on intuition and curiosity. The world draws me along as I seek knowledge and insight. My adult journey started as an engineer at Boeing (aerodynamics, rocket science, that sort of thing), I slid into an early retirement (frugality has its benefits) and now the journey has plopped me into the life of a writer (books of cultural and nature essays: Just Keep Pedaling, Twelve Months at Barclay Lake, Twelve Months at Lake Valhalla, Twelve Months at Merritt Lake). I’ve been taking photos since the mid-seventies when I was mimicking my older brother. For a while I took photos for the school newspaper and for the prom, but for the most part I’ve taken photos for myself. I’ve always been encouraged to sell them, but I took the compliments for politeness rather than a critique. The response to the photos in the Twelve Month series of books finally convinced me to make the photos public and available for sale. In 2007/2008 I branched out and took photos in a more conscious way by chronicling the local bay where I live: Cultus Bay on the southern tip of Whidbey Island. In 2008/2009 I extended the series to the northern end of the island: Deception Pass. In 2009/2010 I finished Admiralty Head.