Oak Harbor Thanksgiving by KC


If you have no place to go on Thanksgiving, there is a warm and inviting place to go for a FREE thanksgiving day dinner for Whidbey Island.

Through the help with over 350 volunteers, this years Community Harvest Dinner is being held at the Oak Harbor Elks Lodge off of Hwy 20. 

The meal starts at 11:00AM and goes until 4:00PM.

There are numerous people to thank for this effort, Jack Stilz from Bayside Printing is the head of this entire event, and of course Scott Frazier and his amazing cooking talents leads the way.  Hundreds of unnamed volunteers make this annual Oak Harbor Event happen.

We would like to take a moment and recognize a very special person that does a wonderful job in photographing not just this event, but many events in Oak Harbor.  She has been doing so for a long time and we think she deserves special recognition for doing such a good job.  KC Pohtilla is the community organizer and photographer who brings the community to life as you can see by the photos she has taken in the slide show.

thanks KC, we really appreciate you and all you do.


If you'd like to volunteer to help with the above event, please call (360)240-9335