Garage of Blessings

3143 Goldie Road, Oak Harbor, WA, US, 98277 | Directions
Opening hours
Monday 10-3:00pm
Wednesday 12-5pm
Thursday 9am-11am (incoming donations only)
Friday 10-3:00pm
Saturday 11-1:00pm

The Garage of Blessings was founded in early 2012 by Kristiina Miller.  After following a calling to make an impact on her Community, she took items that were donated by others, set them up in her home double car garage and invited people to come and take what they needed with no strings attached, everything free of charge.

After only four months of giving, the incoming donations exceeded the capacity of her garage at which point The Garage of Blessings moved into a 1500 square feet industrial garage/location. Now, after two moves and in just 2 years, The Garage of Blessings is busting the seams once again at 3600 square feet!

The Garage of Blessings currently serves nearly 1500 individuals and takes in about 400 individual loads of donations each month.  Everything is organized and run smoothly by a team of volunteers (currently a crew of 12 men and women) who make sure shopping at the "Free" Garage is a treat for everyone that comes through the doors.

The Garage of Blessings, located at 3143 Goldie Road in Oak Harbor, just behind Precision Tire, is for the Whidbey Island community.  Everything given to the Garage goes back out to those in need.  Shoppers range from homeless individuals to single mothers and those that just can't afford the expense of something that would take from their already tight budgets.

There are no questions asked at the Garage.  "Just come and be blessed" says Kristiina Miller, Founder.  She states "My goal is to serve those that have a need.  Whether a tangible need or a 'heart' need.  The volunteers and I are here to bless, to listen, to touch people's hearts and to make those less fortunate feel that they are cared for.  The Garage helps us to do that for every person that walks through our doors."

If you're interested in learning more about The Garage of Blessings, our contact number and hours of operation are listed below.


  • By far, the most generous, non-judgemental and kind store run by volunteers who truly care.
  • What a great place for those who are in need
  • Caring support for the homeless