Gary Berner, DDS

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by WhidbeyLocal 21.11.13
When you walk into the office, you can see Dr. Berner's amazing blown art. Definitely helps calm the nerves. For me, it is a testament of his patience, eye and apreciation for beauty, steady hands, and attention to detail. His staff actually take the time explain everything that's going on, how it may've happened, treatment options with their pros and cons, and their professional opinion. They told me things my other dentists have never informed me of and used a laser to test my wisdom teeth for more accurate readings than an x-ray. The cleaning was so gentle and thorough! They use technique, not force. Consultation was awesome and no extra, unnecessary things were done. I was in charge of which option I liked best. Dr. Berner has been in for 28 years and really knows his stuff! Although he's not a provider in my network and I have to pay a little out of pocket, it was well worth it! The reviews on him are true. I have 3 more appointments with him and I feel calm about going. Google review 2 years ago
by WhidbeyLocal 26.11.11
I want to send a warm and heartfelt “thank you” to you, Dr. Berner, for giving me back my smile, and to express my gratitude to the amazing people on your team for their kindness and dedication to every detail of my care.
The entire experience has exceeded my greatest expectations. My smile is dazzling, but there is so much more behind my gratitude than just being excited about a “pretty” smile.
Two years ago, after years of grinding had worn my teeth down to little bits of nothing, I could no longer bite all the way through a sandwich. I couldn’t chew my food properly, and I was always biting my tongue or the insides of my mouth. Eating was not a pleasant experience! Neither was trying to digest poorly chewed food!
Today, I’m living in a new reality. My teeth actually function like they should. Gone are the empty spaces, uneven surfaces, pain, and lopsided bite. More than the smile, the reinstated function of my bite is the single most beneficial gift of all.
When I look at the beautiful works of glass art on display in your office, I can see how one artistic talent compliments the other. Your vases are amazingly beautiful, Gary, but there isn’t one of them that can outshine my smile.
There is no doubt in my mind that you brought the “art of dentistry” to new heights when you took on my case. And, there is no doubt that I put myself in the hands of a “master”!
Rounding out the experience to near perfection, was your incredible team. A special note of thanks to Tracy, who always answered the phone on the first ring, was always the first smile to greet me whenever I came in, a genius at fitting appointments around my work schedule, and a master in her own right at rescheduling appointments.
And to Heather, who displayed absolute devotion to every aspect of my care. Who ensured every session went by without a hitch, whose skill as a dental assistant is unsurpassed, and for giving me her cell phone number so I could reach her anytime at home if I needed to.
I will forever be grateful to you all.

With warm regards,
-Juliabeth Coppage.

It has been just over a month since my work was completed, and it is taken that long to really sink in – the difference in look, feel, and function is beyond imagination!
Many thanks to you for your vision, tenacity, and perfectionism, artistic integrity, and patience. Your staff of caring, empathetic professionals kept me on track!

Thanks to you all!
-Linda Nadeau

P.S. Thanks also for the beautiful art piece. I enjoy it almost as much as my new smile!

Since 1983, my staff and I have been passionate about providing dental care with integrity to our patients in our Oak Harbor, WA office on Whidbey Island.


My commitment to you is to provide dentistry that lasts by restoring function, comfort and aesthetics in a pain-free manner with the lowest risk and highest predictability.


I promise to be thorough and to diagnose accurately before treatment. You will always be fully informed of treatment choices with a focus towards achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. You will be fully informed about the costs and value. I believe in informed and empowered patients who have freedom of choice.


Our services include:


   Dental care for children to adults




   Teeth whitening


   Dental implants

   Cosmetic Dentistry



We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you. Welcome to our practice!

  • Providing high quality dental care with integrity since 1983 in Oak Harbor, WA
  • Thorough and accurate diagnose before treatment
  • Dentistry that lasts by restoring function, comfort and aesthetics in a pain-free manner
  • Employing Evidence Based Dentistry for the most predictable results