Callahan's Firehouse Studio & Gallery

179 2nd St, Langley, WA, USA, 98260 | Directions
by WhidbeyLocal 10.02.14
1. Great studio for blown glass. In the fall you can take a class to make your own pumpkin. The instruction class is short (1/2 hour) but a lot of fun and very interesting and unique experience. Frances M. Longbeach, CA 10/6/13

2. Art pieces, jewelry, home goods - mostly from blown glass. Or take a lesson one-on-one and blow your own piece. There is also an event space you can rent for up to 100 people in back. The glass pumpkins are beautiful. 09.16.13 Brian D. St Petersburg, FL

3. This place was really neat. It was in the old Langley Firehouse. Half of the main space is set up as a storefront, while the other is where the actual firing of the glass takes place. My friends and I had just had a lunch at the Braeburn Restaurant (which was great!), and we had admired the cool hand blown glasses that they used for waters. We were thrilled to realize that this was where they made them!

It was really fun to watch the artisans actually making a pitcher in front of us, and we each ended up buying a glass or two (or a set of 8, in one case!). They also will ship them for a pretty nominal fee, and then you don't end up having to pay sales tax. The colors were unique, and I really love the two that I bought. They were also sturdy enough that I felt totally comfortable putting them in my suitcase just wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap--they made it home safely. There were lots of other glass objects for purchase--vases, flowers, jewelry, ornaments, bowls. It would make for a really unique gift, especially as a reminder of Whidbey.

They advertised classes where you could make your own glass, bowl, ornament, etc.--I think all were priced at $65. It seems like it would be really fun! Meredith C. Washington D.C. 02.05.14

Callahan Campbell McVay has traveled internationally, studying in glass studios throughout the world, absorbing perspectives of color, form and techniques in creating amazing glass art. He was at one time represented by 150 galleries within the United States.

As is evident within his luminous glass objects, the artist is inspired by the living world, by light and by color. Callahan has been sought after for both private and corporate commissioned work. 


  • Extraordinary glass art creations
  • A wide range of prices, sizes and pieces
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Commissioned work available for both private and corporate subjects
  • Glass blowing experience for all ages (5 and up)

As the demand for Callahan’s glass art grew the artist saw need for a larger studio where he could also offer the glass blowing experience to students and visitors to the island. Today his glass blowing studio and gallery in a former fire station located at 179 Second Street in Langley, WA has over 3,000 square feet of space where he designs, produces and delivers his art, as well as offering one on one assistance to help you create your own glass art masterpiece!

Stop in today to see his amazing collection of beautiful glass art, or schedule a session to blow your very own piece of glass art!


  • Extraordinary hand blown glass art - a colorful and beautiful feast for the eyes! Gifts small to large
  • Glass classes, demos and design. - Come add your touch to a personalized experience and creation
  • Perfect for gifts or your own personal art gallery - Custom glass artwork installation for home or office