Careage Children's Center

311 3rd St NE, Coupeville, WA, USA, 98239 | Directions
by WhidbeyLocal 03.02.12
island momma ‎ - Jan 27, 2011
My daughter has been attending Careage Children's Center for a few years now. It was a tough transition when Jan left...there was a trial and error period that sort of felt like the center was stuck in a rut. They went through a couple of directors and couldn't find the right fit. My daughter however has always loved her teachers and little friends there, and because I didn't want her to have to change daycares we decided to stick it out. I am SO glad that we did! The center finally hired a new director who did fit and what a difference! The school is so much or organized and fun! They have remodeled and it really looks and feels like a brand new daycare center. They have new and different topics they concentrate on each month, This month is outer space. Each day the kids make new art projects that are about space and they learn new things about the planets and is so awesome. I give Careage 5 stars and would recommend them to any parent who is looking for a fun and structured place for their little ones to go!

SHANNON ‎ - Jul 23, 2010
New Changes at the Children's Center!!! We are excited about the new changes at Careage Children's Center... The Center is under new Directorship. This has been a great new start for the center. The center has made many changes and is moving in a positive direction. The New Director is very experienced and has been in the field for 17 years. The program is in transition to become a quality Pre - School Program and Daycare center. The Teachers will be implementing a academic program in September and have already started to do so. The program has improved Dramatically and has a great start to changing the reputation of the past issues, that caused the center to not meet the standards of a quality program. In the short time the new director has been on staff making the changes it has improved vastly. It will be wonderful to see how great the teachers and new director can make the new program a huge success. Please stop by and see the rebuilding of a much needed quality care program in our community.