Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve

162 Cemetery Rd, Coupeville, WA, USA, 98239 | Directions
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Whidbey Islands Fascinating History

Whidbey Islands Fascinating History


Wow, have you heard of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve?


It’s the first national historical reserve in the United States and it was established back in 1978. This reserve is a true gem as it preserves a rural community and its rich history of exploration and settlement in Puget Sound. But why stop there? What makes Ebey’s Landing even more special is the unique model of preservation based on partnerships between government and citizens. Can you believe that the history of this place is still alive and thriving today?


It’s all thanks to the people who live, work, and maintain a deep connection with Ebey’s Landing. This is truly a place worth celebrating and preserving for generations to come!

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