Whidbey Island Cocoa Company

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Made here on beautiful Whidbey Island, Whidbey Island Cocoa Company makes chocolate bars from the finest single source Peruvian Cocoa. These beans give our chocolate bars perfectly blended, well-balanced notes of nutty, fruit, and sweet.


With your choice of either dark or milk chocolate, our chocolate bars come beautifully wrapped with an elegant gold foil silhouette of Whidbey Island for long-lasting memories.


We are committed to sourcing our cocoa beans responsibly and believe the country of Peru is one of the most consistent in non-exploitative workers practices, adhering to Fair Trade Certification.


Available at many locations on Whidbey Island, please visit our website to find a store near you or stop by our sister store in Oak Harbor at Fantasia Dance and Motion Apparel,  770 SE Pioneer Way Downtown Oak Harbor, WA.


Whidbey Island Cocoa Company… making sweet delights sure to please your palate!