The WT on Whidbey

765 Classic Road, Greenbank, WA, US, 98253 | Directions

Seeking an unusual and memorable romantic getaway to create new memories? Come experience our luxurious “glamping tent” accommodations. Set on 3 acres of quiet, natural beauty, our spacious and well-appointed 14’ by 16’ Davis Wall Tents (there are 2 to choose from) are the perfect destination for a charming retreat.


Created as a special experience for just the two of you (two adults maximum, no kids, no pets), enjoy extraordinary camping amenities including an upscale potty-ing shed, full outdoor (shared) kitchen, fully stocked Tiki bar, camp shower, a spacious deck to enjoy starlit evenings, or feel the warming heat on your face sitting next to a roaring campfire.


Play outdoor yard games for fun and pleasure or stroll the grounds and let everyday pressures slip away.


Surprise your special someone. click here to book a reservation.


A memorable night awaits you at WT on Whidbey!