Kristi O'Donnell Artist

Serving Whidbey Island, Langley, WA, US, 98260 | Directions

Whidbey Islanders may be used to seeing me behind my upright acoustic bass playing Gypsy jazz with The Hot Club of Troy or swing music with the ensemble Trio Nouveau. These days I am more often standing with paint brush in hand!  People know me by Kristi O’Donnell or Kristio. A long time islander with a career background in horticulture and design, I am now concentrating my energy on my 2-D and 3-D artworks and practicing music for that great day when we can all play together again!


Born with a crayon in one hand and a green thumb on the other, I have been a creative artist for my entire life. The beauty and mystery of nature, my inspiration, is my teacher, with whom I study color, form and change. Art for me is a vehicle to transmit joy, visualize peace and send love.


I have just launched my Holiday Gift Shop featuring all original, hand made, one-of-a-kind greeting cards, holiday cards, gifts and gift bags and magical ornaments.  


There is a Happy Hour page on as well, featuring The Hot Club of Troy in live performance. Visitors can listen to a live stream from a very fun performances concert as our gift for free.  MP3’s are available to download so people can have a Happy Hour in the comfort of their home!  


New works will be posted every few days.


Visitors to my website can download MP3 files from The Hot Club of Troy in live performance. 


After Thanksgiving, the page will feature The Hot Club of Troy Holiday Set as well.


For New Year’s Eve,  the page will feature classic swing tunes from Trio Nouveau for New Year’s Eve.