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Solutions For Better Quality Water For Both Home And Businesses
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The best water for everyone on Whidbey Island - that's Clearwater's promise. Trust us to protect your home and family with the best services possible. You'll love the difference!


Whether it is a specialized whole-house system or a single faucet-only water purifier, Clearwater Systems is here to help. We know each household or business has unique needs, so we customize each system with professional knowledge and care to meet your specific needs. This provides you, the homeowner or business owner, with premium performance products that deliver the best value.


Our team of water experts will work with you to design the perfect water system for your home.


Cal us today for all your water treatment needs including free water testing, water treatment services, and water treatment products.

  • Water Treatment For Most Every Need
  • Residential and Commercial Water Softeners
  • Whole Home Water Systems
  • Water Filters
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Salt Free Water Systems
  • UV Disinfection
  • Water Coolers
  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Commercial Deionization Systems
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Marine Water Filtration Systems
  • Pond Systems
  • Water Treatment Equipment Services
  • Water Testing
  • Bottled Water Delivery
  • Salt Delivery