Dr. Hope Fay

Serving Whidbey Island, Clinton, WA, USA, 98236
by WhidbeyLocal 06.07.15
1. Hope is a terrific and deeply knowledgeable holistic doctor and colon therapist. She helped me heal a serious chronic stomach illness and has given me great health support over many years. She also cares deeply for her patients and their well-being. I'd recommend her highly!
Stephanie Reynolds

2. Hope Fay is a Medicine Woman, a keen and heart-centered listener, with the focus of healer who knows the service she provides starts with what she hears. Between the lines of my story, she sees what might be meanings waiting for a mutual remedy. I have benefited many times from my Medicine Woman's wisdom, as I live the second-half of my life. Hope is a healer who welcomes my Ancestors' guidance and weaves it with her own brand, experiences, and practice of broad-sensibilities and a finely-tuned gut. This is a woman who practices hana no'eau ... wise work. Mahalo piha, Mokihana Calizar

3. For the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with Hope when I get particularly stressed. Her gentle colonics have cleaned me out, and reduced my stress. I sometimes reflect that it is sad that I have to resort to a colonic to get a nice nap! Thanks, Hope! Nick

4. Hope is the kind of health care professional that we all wish for. She is wise, caring, and experienced with the workings of the body. She takes her time in assessing your health needs, and is never incautious with her medical advice. Cate

5. My experience of working with Dr. Hope [Fay, (if you prefer)] is that when we started out I did not understand about how imbalances in my biochemistry were affecting my quality of life. With exquisite care and expertise, Hope simultaneously got to know me and my body, while taking all the steps necessary to bring various aspects of my blood work--such as being seriously B12 deficient, and way too high in iron--, back into balance. As we did this over time, she taught me the life changes I needed to keep myself in balance long term. Working with Hope brought me to living healthy and happy, and empowered me to stay this way for my lifetime. Crow

6. "Dr. Hope is one of the most genuine and helpful health care practitioners I have ever seen. She is knowledgable, caring and explains health opportunities very clearly so that you can understand. I feel blessed to know her!" Rhonda

7. Dr Hope is an astute and compassionate wise woman who skillfully guided me in finding what worked best for my body in order to heal. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Alina Frank

8. I have known and worked with Hope for quite a few years now. There are many things I could comment on that she has shared with me that have been a benefit to my wellbeing. I want to share what has had the most impact on my wellbeing. I have seen Hope on and intermittent basis for colonics. You may ask, what is it that made a difference for me. I would say that it is Hope's bedside manner… I usually go for colonics when I am wanting to detox, during a specific anti-inflammatory diet, or during a period of not feeling well and knowing I need to clean up my act. The actual process that Hope provides works really well and what I would like to share is the way Hope provides that care. What she offers is a holistic approach. She connects with all of me! She connects with my physical problems and concerns by answering my question in a variety of ways that both educate and also get my own creative problem solver engaged, in ways to HELP myself. Hope also knows how to engage my spiritual being. She listens and draws out my thoughts and feelings which seem to help me see what I need to attend to support my own healing process. I guess I mostly appreciate Hope's compassion! I feel cared for by her and I think that is important. I think it is important to like my healthcare practitioner. Hope is someone I can truly say I like. I think she is good at what she does. She has integrity!
Sincerely, Jeanne Lepisto RN Administrator of Island Home Nursing

9. I have been seeing Dr. Hope for about 8 or 9 years. She has the 3 C’s I look for in a healthcare provider. She is Caring, Compassionate, and Competent. I cannot say enough good things about her and her work. Dawna Fowler

10. “I love working with Hope. She made everything easy and has a caring and nurturing presence. I have confidence in her experience and expertise and I would highly recommend her services”. Ann

11. Hope Fay is one of the most healing people I’ve ever had the honor to know. This is true of her both as a doctor and as a human being. Her dedication to the wellbeing of her patients is expecially profound. If you’ve never been truly seen and held by a physician, there is Hope.
– Drew Kampion, Clinton WA

12. Blessings Hope, It is so apparent to me that your parents named you so appropriatley.
You supported me and and shared your hope with me when I had none. You are an angel on earth. I was so sick physically and emotionally and you nurtured me spirtually and helped me heal physically. Your love, hope and guidance was a gift i'll never forget. With love and Gratitude, Tracy

When you speak, I take the time to listen.


Dr. Hope Fay in Clinton, WA has been practicing naturopathic medicine for over 29 years, helping people improve their health and overall quality of life.


Using time honored, holistic practices, Dr. Hope can help you reach your health goals with the following treatments:


Body detoxification


Natural weight loss

Stress related illness therapies

Womens’ health issues

Ionic detox footbaths

Parasite control and treatment therapy


State of the art wellness testing for adrenals, female hormones, GI tract, blood chemistry analysis, hair mineral analysis

Counseling through life’s transitions

Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy

LENS Therapy for ADHD, ADD, PTSD, Parkinson’s, seizures and neurologica lissues 


Call today for an appointment to discuss your specific needs, and find out how Dr. Hope can help you improve your life.




  • 28 Years experience in helping you reach your health goals – I take time to listen
  • A time honored, natural and holistic approach to healing your body
  • Specializing in Stress Related Illness & Womens' Health Issues
  • Offering a natural weight loss program to help you look and feel your best!