Hope Therapeutic Riding Program

PO Box 334, Langley, WA, USA, 98260
Who hasn’t heard somebody tell someone else, or maybe you have been told, “Oh, you can’t do that! You’re not good enough/smart enough/strong enough, etc.” At HOPE, you won’t hear any such thing! In fact, for over 22 years, HOPE has built upon the individual’s abilities and worked to minimize the impact of whatever limitations or challenges they may face. HOPE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that serves riders, held at the Island County Fairgrounds in Langley, Washington. Click here to learn more about HOPE. All That HOPE Offers. When you place that person on a horse, he or she becomes able to share in that freedom and experience learning in a whole new way. HOPE provides individuals from all walks of life who are facing physical, emotional, learning, social or behavioral limitations the opportunity to Grab the Reins of Life through the use of horses. Show your Support! We are proud of the fact that for over 21 years, HOPE has never turned away a student because of financial need. But as our program has grown from only a handful of students and lessons a year, to now serving over 75 students with 348 individual and group lessons, the need for donations and grants is more critical than ever! We need your support! Also, visit our HOPE Shop site for great gift items! Meet the HOPE Herd! A horse can be a fun, warm, loyal friend that helps the participant build a sense of self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence. Even the horse’s movements provide a therapeutic benefit with their multidimensional rhythm that duplicates a person’s walk by stimulating the human back, leg, hip and abdominal muscles and nervous system, allowing a person, who may never have taken a step, his or her first “walking experience.” Lead the Way...Lend a Hand! Our instructor could not do her job without the fantastic help of our volunteers. Some students require up to 3 assistants—for example, two to help stabilize the rider on the horse and one to help lead the horse. Others may only need one volunteer who helps prompt or refocus the student with the task at hand. Of course, if working around horses is not your thing, HOPE can always use help in many other ways.