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by WhidbeyLocal 06.05.13
I have had my nails done for several years now, usually for a special occasion. However, never had they lasted like my last set by Island Girl Nails, nor have they helped keep my spirits up for so long.

I got my nails done on March 11th for I was leaving on a 25th Anniversary vacation for 2 weeks. ( A pic is posted on their website. They are the blue-green colored nails (color is called Fly) with the fuchsia flowers.) All during my trip I enjoyed compliments on them. As I was preparing to go home I decided to have them filled and trimmed.

Unfortunately the day after I got back my life hit a bump in the road, and I was unable to even cut them down for 5 days. But the people around me for those 5 days continued to compliment my nails, even with a fair amount of grow-out. My little bump lasted, but after the 5 days I was able to cut my nails down making them more manageable, and still I got compliments for as I cut them down the flowers still looked beautiful even as pieces were cut off.

I am back to my old life now, but because Island Girl Nails did such a fabulous job, my nails never caused me mental grief only happiness.

Thank you Island Girl Nails for such a great job on my nails. They gave me happiness for well over a month.

Freeland, WA
by WhidbeyLocal 29.03.13
I always enjoy my visits with Lisa. Today, I posed a nail "situation" that I considered a "challenge," but she (as always) overcame the abuse I inflict on my nails and gave me a beautiful manicure. She's the best artificial nail artist I've gone to, and such a lovely person... I feel very lucky that I found her!!
With my best,
by WhidbeyLocal 14.07.11
Island Girl Nails is a delightful treat! Lisa’s hand painting abilities are amazing and my hands are a work of art! I get complements everywhere I go and I love having unique, beautiful nails.
Miriam Morin

I would give Island Girl Nails a five star rating! I have been going to Island Girl Nails for a almost six years for my manicures and pedicures and I have never been disappointed or had to wait. When I go there I feel totally pampered in the lovely environment. I feel very comfortable that everything is super clean and disinfected. I feel some the best products are used and a wide selection of fragrances, colors and nail art are available. Wonder what color I’ll have my toes next week? Maybe “Sonora Sunset” or “Bogotá Blackberry” ?
Laine Hendra-Aldrich

Everyone at Island Girl Nails is fabulous! I recently got a GREAT manicure from Lisa. It lasted two weeks and normally mine last three or four days before starting to chip and peel. Thank you, Lisa!

It's been 5 days since my pedicure at Island Girl Nails from the fabulous Vicki and each day, several times a day I look down and see a bright happy color, toes that look better than what is above them, and smile – it's a lovely luxury I will not live without and not just for the 4 + weeks the polish and coiffed feet stay perfect, but the pampered princess treatment I receive each and every time I visit – it's just one thing I will not live without! Thank you Vicki, there is just no substitute and we are so lucky to have you on Whidbey!
Suzanne Healy
Formerly Functional Art Gallery
PO Box 1030
Langley, WA 98260

Vicki and Lisa, Just a note to say thank you. I always have a great experience when I am in your salon. I appreciate the care and personal touch I am given. I never worry about cleanliness it is always impeccable! And I always walk away feeling pampered. Thank you!

Come in and experience why Island Girl Nails finished in the top five in the King 5 Best of Western Washington contest for Best Manicure and Pedicure!


Island Girl Nails in Clinton, WA has been locally owned and providing quality nail services for over 11 years. You can’t stay in business very long on an island if you don’t offer the best service and products.


We are open six days a week, with evening hours, in downtown Clinton, just off the highway.


Come in, let us pamper you! Our nail salon is clean, safe, and comfortable with a soothing décor and an energizing spirit.


Featuring classic and traditional styles plus fun, funky and creative nail art, we offer acrylics, shellac, pink and whites, several brands of fast drying, long lasting polish, and fills.


You’ll leave our salon feeling renewed!


  • Experience the difference of a quality salon for your manicures and pedicures
  • Finished top five in the King 5 Best of Western Washington Best Manicure and Pedicure
  • Come in, let us pamper you… a clean, safe, and comfortable environment
  • Featuring classic and traditional styles plus fun, funky and creative nail art
  • Acrylics, pink and whites, several brands of fast drying, long lasting polish, and fills