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Epic Rides: Your Go-To Whistler Shuttle Bus Company


How often have you heard of bus or shuttle companies which doesn't just make stops at their terminals but also sends you directly to your hotel or home and even picks you up?

Or have you heard of a bus company which never cancels its trips just because of a road closure? It should be able to find alternative routes.


Welcome to The Epic Rides Express Bus with trips to Whistler from Vancouver and also from Vancouver Airport (YVR) to Whistler which are direct, low priced and very convenient for you. 


Our non-stop service to Whistler have an average journey time of 1 hour and 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver or 2 hours when you're coming from Vancouver Airport. 


We have transported 200,000 passengers on these routes every year comfortably and safely. That's why we are the Number One recommended bus and shuttle company by both Vancouver and Whistler local people. 

We are also proud members of both Tourism Vancouver and Tourism Whistler


Do you also know that all your luggage are free of charge when you travel with us? Whether it's luggage, skis or bikes, because the route is a ski and tourism destination, all are on us. Of course, all within reason. And the ticket prices of Epic Rides are very affordable. From Vancouver to Whistler, it's only for $35 for a round trip ticket per person. From the Airport to Whistler, it's a low $55 round trip ticket fare. But if you have a group of 6 persons or more, book on the Epic Rides website directly, and see what happens! 

If you travel this route regularly, it would be practical for you to avail of our season pass for only $299. And your kids under 12 years old get discounts too. 


Do you know that Epic Rides is relied upon heavily by people who travel regularly the Vancouver and Whistler route because we always strive to depart on time. Even if bad weather strikes, on time departures are still always our goal so as not to give any inconveniences on your part. 


If you have any last minute inquiries about your booked trip or simply just to ask any question, we have Customer Service Support to assist you. Our phone lines are open from 9 am up to 8 pm every day for the whole year. Our number is 604-349-1234. 


Are you concerned about safety? We also are, and very much! We have installed built in monitoring devices on all our buses to make sure that our drivers give you the smoothest and safest journeys in the industry. 


With regards to measures against Covid 19, we have redesigned our buses to be aligned with social distancing protocols. We also require all our passengers to wear masks and no food or drinks are allowed on our buses except for 1 bottle of water for each person. We thoroughly spray each bus with 80 percent alcohol based disinfectant after each trip. We use no carcinogenic chemicals on our sprays. 


It's quite important for you to make a personal account on our Epic Rides website so that in cases when you make a booking and you need to change it, you can do unlimited and free changes even up to 8 hours before your scheduled departure time. 


Just imagine the luxury of not leaving your car anywhere and pay for expensive parking space or not taking the unnecessary expense of riding a taxi or Uber just to arrive at the terminal of your Bus Company? You just need to stay put comfortably in your hotel, hostel or residence when you have booked your Vancouver to Whistler (or vice versa) tickets on the Epic Rides website and we will pick you up, with your luggage and gear. 


Just imagine! You won't have to go through all the trouble of carrying heavy luggage (skis and bikes could be very heavy) from one destination to another because your bus company doesn't fetch you from wherever you are! And you don't even have to pay for them when they are on our buses! 


So if you and your group are planning to travel on the Vancouver to Whistler route, look no further! Book here or call our office any day of the week to enjoy a hassle free and comfortable Epic Rides journey!