Laurie's Warm Fuzzies

Serving Whidbey Island, Freeland, WA, USA, 98249
(360) 579-2207 Or Dial
Pamper Your Dog with the Warm and Fuzzy Spa Experience Difference *The Convenience of a Self-Contained Mobile Grooming Shop Coming to Your Home-I Come to You! *One on One Individual Attention-Working With One Dog at a Time *No Holding or Drying Cages *Most Advanced Equipment Used in the Industry *Safety of Every Dog Comes First *Support System to Ensure Your Dog is Safe on the Grooming Table *Disinfecting of Equipment Between Families *Parasite Free Environment for Grooming *Environmentally Friendly Products for Every Dog's Specific Coat and Skin Care Needs-No Toxic Dips, Sprays or Powders *Hydro-Massage Bathing Systems-A Warm Water Massage With Every Bath *Hand Blow Drying With Ear Protection for Your Dog *Deep De-Shedding Program *Nails are Cut and Filed to Remove Sharp Edges *ClipperVac System for Clipping to Ensure a Smooth and Even Finish *Working With You to Ensure the Most Positive Grooming Experience Possible *Suggestions as a Trainer to Help Resolve Problems You and Your Dog May be Having to Better Improve Your Dog's Grooming Experience Traditional Grooming Shops -You Have to Drop Off and Pick Up Your Dog -Your Dog Sits in a Holding Cage -Your Dog Sits in a Drying Cage -Your Dog is Handled by Several People -The Speed of the Process May be Too Much for Your Individual Dog to Handle -Your Dog May be Affected by the Stress of Other Dogs in the Shop -Parasites from Other Dogs May Infest Your Dog -Toxic Products Such as Dips, Flea Powder and Flea Sprays May Be Used On Your Dog