Pita Pit

32650 SR, B-104, Oak Harbor, WA, USA, 98277 | Directions
Opening hours
Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-7:30pm
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by WhidbeyLocal 24.06.13
1. Pleasantly surprised with this place. Their pitas are pretty healthy and nicely priced. They offer daily specials and a military discount. If you're in a hurry and want a quick pita fix, this will do it. Chad G. New Orleans, LA

2. I have seen this place many times and thought; "I really oughta try that place". So today I did. Very nice. I had the Chicken Souvlaki Pita, and made it my own. As previously mentioned it's pretty "Subway-esque" with the basic order and a host of options hidden behind a sneeze guard. I will say that the bins are full of what appears to be (and tastes like) fresh veggies, and condiments.
I was expecting: M'eh, so so food. I got: a decent meal for $6 and some change. Service was prompt, and polite. It didnt seem initially that the crew was working together very well, but my opinion changed as I watched them. They did a good job, and worked together pretty well.
Wrapping it up.. HA! Pita Pit! "WRAPPING" it up! Ha! I kill me... AAAnyway.. it's pretty darn good, fresh food, and the place is clean and orderly. I will definitely go back. Paul G. Moses Lake, WA

3. I'd never heard of the Pita Pit before I moved to Oak Harbor. Apparently this is a chain, though, with restaurants sprinkled throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain. The concept is very similar to any sub sandwich shop like Subway or Quiznos. The only real difference is that they use pita bread.
My first pita here was a BLT with avocado. It was delicious. They have a large variety of vegetables you can add to your pita and also several cheeses and sauces to choose from. Everything used here is fresh and crisp. My second pita was a chicken ceasar and it was equally delectable. There are also several vegetarian options on the menu for those that don't eat meat. Additionally, they can make any pita into a salad simply by removing the bread (genius, I know). So if you're going carb free you can still partake of their fresh ingredient goodness.
Pricing is decent and under $10 for a combo meal. Pita size is large and should fill up most diners. My only complaint is that the staff can sometimes be so thorough that it becomes annoying. When ordering the chicken caesar pita I was asked if I wanted lettuce (duh) and caesar dressing (c'mon now, really?). Other than that mild issue the service is fantastic and everyone is always friendly and smiling.
The Pita Pit is definitely a new favorite of mine and I will be visiting frequently. Aaron W. Marysville WA

4. This is a chain, but you're not going to find all that many of them.
Fast food that is still healthy and fresh and a hell of a lot more tasty than Subway. Many, many low-fat and vegetarian options. Consistently good. Jonathan B. Oak Harbor WA

5. This place is great, the chicken souvlaki is awesome but there's also vegetarian options as well as other tasty meats to chose from. Samantha V. Oak Harbor, WA
  • Lebanese-style pitas - An exciting alternative to fast food restaurants!
  • Great tasting food that’s healthy
  • fresh
  • and still served fast

Pita Pit in Oak Harbor, WA ditched all the heavy breads and buns - along with the higher carbs and fat that today’s health-conscious consumers are trying to avoid.


We serve up our own special light and tasty Lebanese-style pitas. We fill them with only the good stuff!  You’ll find leaner, savory meats grilled to perfection, unique flavorful cheeses, and a large choice of crisp, fresh veggies plus exotic toppings including our own zesty signature sauces.


Served up quickly for people on the go, and for those who aren’t in a hurry we designed our restaurants to provide a casual and fun atmosphere.


   Pita Style Sandwiches



   Vegetarian and Vegan Selections

   Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


   We deliver!


To see their menu and order online, click HERE.


People of all ages love Pita Pit..... come see us today for something new!