Saratoga Community Housing

P.O. Box 1002, Freeland, WA, USA, 98249 | Directions
Saratoga Community Housing (SCH) is a local non-profit Community Land Trust dedicated to providing affordable homeownership opportunities for lower to moderate income residents of Island County. A CLT is a nonprofit organization formed to hold land in order to preserve its long term availability for affordable housing. Using public and private donations we acquire land and existing houses. We retain ownership of the land and sell the houses to lower income households. We preserve the long term affordability of homes by setting a resale price that provides the current owners with a fair return on their investment and future buyers fair access to housing at an affordable price. Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity (HFH) allows us to preserve long term affordability of HFH homes for future generations.
  • Creating Affordable Communities
  • Housing for Young Families
  • Seniors on a Fixed Income
  • Affordable home financing