Woodward's Taekwondo Academy

490 SE Midway Blvd, Oak Harbor, WA, USA, 98277 | Directions

Woodward's TaeKwonDo offers classes for men, women, teenagers, and children ages 4 and up. Our classes are taught by certified and trainee instructors, and designed to bring out the best in students of all ages!

Students learn and excel at their own pace, and earn certification upon completion of each level of skills required for that class. All students with the desire to learn are accepted into our school.

Focusing on the traditional values of TaeKwonDo, students develop confidence, discipline, and self esteem. You’ll also gain a more sound body with increased strength, flexibility, and endurance.

We offer self-defense programs offer a wide variety of kicking, striking, take down, throws, joint locks, pressure points, submission holds, and escape tactics.

Interested in competing? We offer various types of Martial Art competitions including forms, point sparring, and board breaking.

We look forward to helping you develop the physical and mental qualities you seek, and invite you to call for more information.

Woodward’s TaeKwonDo

490 SE Midway Blvd

Oak Harbor, WA  98277



  • Offering classes for men
  • women
  • teenagers
  • and children ages 4 and up