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by WhidbeyLocal 19.11.12
From Teresa Bystrom, a long time student and fan...
I began my fiber education a long time ago, but it was side-lined by life happening. After a 20-year break, I ran across your workshop brochure for fiber workshops about eight years ago and my life literally changed! I am now able to dedicate much of my free time to my art. All thanks to your school.

From a brand new student who "found" us this summer...
Your website is stunning and beautiful. Your customer service is great. When I pulled up and saw your building, I did a double take as I expected a huge edifice. What you are able to do with your small facility is wonderful, and I have been very impressed..."

From Wendy Simson
I just wanted to say that I had a great experience for my first visit to Whidbey Island The painting class was fun - I doubt that I will ever be a watercolourist but I learned a lot which will be applicable to other mediums Gary (Schallock) is an excellent teacher - probably the best I have ever had in terms of presentation and clarity of instruction as well as being a skilled artist.
My hosts Christine Laing and John Olsen were also great - very hospitable and friendly and there home was lovely. I can highly recommend them for other students. Hope to return in the fall.

From Fran Tanner
Am so excited to finally be enrolled in one of your classes...a 1st time for me. Have been looking at your offerings for years. Always so many good classes and artists whose names I know, whose work I love. Thank you.

From Susan & Neil Silverman:
Hi Karen, Our workshop went really well, and we want to thank you for your behind the scenes work that you did. We realize that you and Lisa work so well together and your efforts are our reward. Teaching at PNW is always a delight and we know that you two work hard and diligently to make it such a wonderful platform for all instructors. Our only regret this year was that we did not get much of a chance to interact with you personally, but we really appreciate both your and Lisa's dedication and hard work towards our success. Have a great summer, Silvermans

From Nancy Kurten, Saint Louis, Missouri:
Regarding the PNWAS: I am extremely impressed by your school and its program, especially the quality of the teachers you have been able to assemble over the years. So thanks to you, to Karen, to the school and to all those Coupevillians that took such good care of us during our stay. We are grateful for your energies and doing what you do so well!

From student Doug Kurata about instructor Arthur Meyerson (September 2011):
"Don't let the fun loving, good ol' boy Texas affect fool you.
This is one High flyin' photographer!
Plus one helluva teacher!
He is supportive and challenging at once.
He is more about seeing and capturing within the frame, like a classic NG photographer.
He is less about post production, after the fact, creating.
If you are ready for the next step in your photography and can leave your ego at the door,
consider Arthur Meyerson. You will not be disappointed!"

From student Janice Shannon regarding instructor Lian Zhen (September 2012)
"Very informative -- and challenging. Would recommend the school as well as the instructor."

From Members/Sponsors and volunteers Ken and Helen Bates: September 2009
“You and your crew did an outstanding job of putting the Plein Air Open together, and Ken and I feel honored to be part of such a worthwhile undertaking. Like every well-run organization, the art school seems to be growing right before our eyes. From our vantage point we can see, under your direction (Sue), the school blossoming into a regional asset. Our best wishes go out to you as you continue on your task. Just let us know how we can help.”

From Former Board Member, current artist and sponsors Susan and Gary Winkler: September 2009
“We were impressed with the caliber of artist in this years Plein Air event. A definite upgrade from previous years. Also, things went pretty smoothly, from the artist’s end of things. A few minor glitches are to be expected. Don’t know if there were complaints (can’t please everyone), but we think you made the right decisions this year. Hope it was successful from the financial end, too, and that those wonderful artists will return next year. Thanks for all your hard work! We will continue our support next year.

From Nancy Baggott, current Board Member:
“Dear Sue and Staff: I wanted to congratulate all of you on the wonderful job you did on the Plein Air Event. It was a rousing success thanks to your conserted efforts. Not only did the Gala go well, but it sounds like all the artists enjoyed themselves. My thanks to all of you for a job well done.”

From Kathy Berg - 2009 workshop attendee:
“I know we filled out evaluation forms, but I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed Susan Diehl’s color workshop. She was so innovative, well organized, and generous with her time and materials! We all learned so much!! I am already reworking some of my paintings for much more pleasing color harmonies. (And I will approach my new ones with a PLAN.). I appreciate the fact that the class was small, yet you chose not to cancel it. Thank you so much! Please pass this along to whoever else was involved in that decision. I’ll look forward to your updates as to new workshops in the future.”

Pacific Northwest Art School proudly celebrates 35 years of offering exceptional visual arts education opportunities, and experiences. Classes are taught by a visiting faculty of nationwide renown.


Located in the quaint seaside village of Coupeville, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island, Pacific Northwest Art School offers nearly 50 workshops each year.


For artists who aspire to improve their talents and skills, they are the perfect place to advance your knowledge. Join them for stimulating and enriching workshops for mediums including painting, photography, mixed media and the fiber artist.


Pacific Northwest Art School offers scholarships, lectures, a gallery, an in-house art store and art library.


Embark on an artistic adventure. Journey to scenic Whidbey Island and follow your passion to reach new heights in your artistic abilities.


Pacific Northwest Art School…. where art meets life!