Honey Bear

23 Front St, Coupeville, WA, US, 98239 | Directions
by WhidbeyLocal 18.07.12
1. Steve V. Seattle,WA Reviewed 08.01 11
Great little toy store in Coupeville on Whidbey Island to poke around in. So many random things you can find here (for kids and adults): -books about the local history of Whidbey, flora and fauna and mushroom guids - Old-school candy like sugar daddies, licorice gum, lemon drops...candies your parents talk about! - Games -Greeting cards - Stuffed animals of all sorts and a lot, lot more. Staff were friendly and inviting. I bet kids love this place!!

2. Mellisa D. Maple Valley, WA Reviewed 03.12.11 Our oldest daughter couldn't stop raving about Honey Bear after her 5th grade class trip to Camp Casey. So we went back and she was right! What a fun store! In addition to fun, quirky toys, they have some of the best old-fashioned candy on the planet -- lemon drops to licorice taffy, sugar daddys to handmade chocolates, and ginormous jawbreakers. SO fun and affordable! When we went today, they were unfortunately remodeling - but she'll be back open by next weekend, and I've promised the kids we'll head back for a visit this summer.

3. Sonya L, Edmonds WA Reviewed 05.05.08 This store is so fun to visit! It's packed from front to back with toys, greeting cards, knick knacks, and candy. Every corner reveals something new or exciting to look at. I've visited this store often since I was little, but unfortunately I've never bought much more than candy...and now I've outgrown the period of buying toys! Regardless, this shop is still great to peruse and makes me feel young and silly again. We did buy a couple of greeting cards while we were there over the weekend. I would bet it's a dangerous shop to bring kids to because it is like a child's dream...I highly recommend stopping in this store! It's great.

4. MI Reviewed 06.06.07 The honey bear is a great toy, candy, and card shop. Every Saturday when we come downtown my child heads straight there to see what she can get. The owner is always helpful and happy.
5. Jennifer H 11.14.05 This is a really great souvenir shop tucked away in historic downtown coupeville. Aside from selling a wide variety of souvenirs, they also sell home made candy and fudges. They also have a section of adorable children's toys and games.

5. Rachael Seattle WA Reviewed 11.0508 The Honey Bear is located in downtown Coupeville on the water front. They sell lots of post cards, souvenirs, and knick knacks. They also have lots of card games and homemade candy and fudge *yummy*. In the back they carry lots of cute children's toys for imaginative play such as puppets. A really neat store to check out.