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Island Facial Aesthetics & Medical Spa, located in the heart of Coupeville, WA is Whidbey Island’s only Medical Spa. With over 13 years of experience, they offer a wide variety of services and procedures to help turn back time and restore your skin’s youthful, healthy look.


With customized treatments for both men and women, their skilled practitioners have solutions to most all your skin care needs.


Using the latest technology to help assure your satisfaction, Island Facial Aesthetics & Medical Spa strives to provide the very best spa experience available.


Do you want to explore new options you’ve never considered? The professionals at Island Aesthetics & Medical Spa will consult with you to develop a treatment program that’s tailored to meet your personal needs.


Services and skin care products include:


     Body Sculpting using Kybella and Vaser Shape


     Chemical Peels

     Eye Brow Tinting

     Eye Lash Tinting


     Laser Hair Removal

     Laser Skin Tightening

     Leg Vein Treatments

     Photo Facials

     Skin Resurfacing

     SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Products, Latisse, and PCA skin products. 

     Therapeutic Dry Needling

     Volumizing Facial Fillers


See Island Facial Aesthetics & Medical Spa today to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate your body and spirit!