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Yes, you too can have a calm relationship with technology.

Why did I choose a business name like The Tranquil Computer? Think about the one thing that we all would like from our computer: That it should have no problems and it should “just work.” No muss, no fuss.

You can have what you want from your computer. I will help you find what you want and will speak to you in a language that you will understand.

I work on, and with PCs and Apples, in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. I also work in Linux and personally use Ubuntu with KDE (Kubuntu). My experience with computers began when personal computers first began to emerge in the mid-80s.

I can help you with your computer, any computer.

PC / Windows Apple / Mac OS Linux computers

With over 20 years of experience tinkering with computers and more than 15 years fixing them, I can help with almost anything you may be challenged with:

Hardware repair and advice from new computer purchases to keeping the older computer running longer. Troubleshooting and repair for virus and mal-ware infections, slow running computers, and general maintenance issues. Tutoring, I can teach you in a simple way how you can comfortably use your computer to do what you would like to do. Catastrophe recovery, rescuing your files, email, and photos from a failing hard drive, recovering stuff you've accidentally deleted, and restoring damaged systems to good working condition. Data Recovery, I have recently formed a partnership with a data recovery service specializing in retrieving data from drives that have failed completely so rest assured that we will be able to recover your stuff.

All services are offered with fast response and turn-around time, and with guaranteed high quality. I stand behind my work. I will never talk down to you or in a way that you cannot understand, I’ll just straight talk in plain English. Contact me for your computer needs. Your call or email will always be answered.


  • Yes, you too can have a calm relationship with your computer
  • Working with PCs and Apple, in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
  • Offering guaranteed high quality services with fast response and quick turn-around time
  • Repairs, virus removal, data recovery, advice for new purchases, tutoring and mor