Sweet Mona's Chocolate Boutique

221 Second St, Suite 16, Langley, WA, USA, 98260 | Directions
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Open 7 days a week 10:00am-7:00pm
by WhidbeyLocal 09.02.13
1. Mona's is your typical small town chocolate shop - quaint and cute. It's really easy to run out of things to do when visiting our parents in Clinton, as lovely as Langley was to visit the first few times. BUT, we make a point to stop here just about every visit for the chocolate covered blueberries....they're amazing. Haven't tried the gelato, but they have a bar of that which seems pretty popular during the summer. I'm an easy sell on chocolate, but I really think the owner puts a lot of love into her confections. The macaroons and the pecan clusters have always hit the spot.
If you're in the area, stop in, chat with the owner, and try a sample...
10.24.12 Brian E. , Seattle, WA

2. Dark chocolate salted carmels? Mmmmm. Need I say more! Try the brown rice gelato, who would have ever thought! All hand made chocolates! Nice!
08.01.12 Michael I, Silverdale, WA

3. Sweet Mona's serves up a fresh, decadent chocolate experience for those willing to shell out tourist-town prices for the privilege. But, it was worth every penny. We had a number of truffles, including an orange, a mint, and a spicy variety. We also had the peanut butter cup, and a salty dark chocolate caramel. All of them were quite tasty. The chocolate had good "snap" and then melted nicely in your mouth. The flavors were easy to recognize on your tongue and were true to form. The mint tasted natural, as if it were just picked from a garden outside the back of the store. The peanut butter was fresh, creamy, and just salty enough. The dark chocolate salted caramel was the highlight. They have this item placed on the bottom shelf, but since it appears to be their "signature" item, they really should place it front and center. Give Mona's a try. You'll be glad you did.
07.06.12 Joseph T., Kirkland, WA

4. They have delicious gelato! I had a scoop of coconut and a scoop of peanut butter, chocolate, & banana. So yummy. I also got a hunk of chocolate dipped honeycomb and a piece of lavender caramel. I haven't tried them yet but the fact they they even had some of my favorite treats up for grabs makes them worthy in my book. They also have a coffee bar, fudge, and various types of truffels along with other treats. I couldn't resist the gelato even though it was freezing outside. The employee working there was also happy to let us sample several different flavors before choosing and even let us use the bathroom even though it looked like it may be for the employees.
03.08.12 Randy S. Seattle, WA

5. As another local chocolatier, I take my chocolate seriously, and so does Mona and her great staff. You will find top quality couverture chocolates, confections, drinks, and so much more in this great little shop. As far as I know, every single product is made from scratch using the finest quality ingredients. The owners and staff truly care about creating the best chocolate experience for each and every customer. I know for a fact that the fudge is made from scratch using a secret recipe and lots of love.
If you are at a loss for where to begin, do not hesitate to ask for a recommendation. A la the movie _Chocolat_, the staff will be able to suggest something you will truly enjoy. They offer truffles from the mundane to the unusual and everything in between. Excellent handmade brittles, barks, and other treats. If you stop in during the week you may even have the opportunity to see the candymakers hard at work creating some new concoction.
The drinking chocolate, I believe it was called a truffle cup or something similar, was truly a chocolate lover's dream. If you make it to Whidbey island you simply must plan to stop in to Langley and check out this great shop.
03.22.10 Sarina E. Mill Creek, WA

6. I am a fan for Mona- Island Chocolate and/or Sweet Monas.
I have been going here or four years now and order through the mail when I need a Sweet fix or want something special done as a gift or present.
She and her staff have always been great to work with and tell you what the know and think. There are always the favorites. But she is literally experimenting with new ideas and products. Ask- you might be lucky to try some of the experiments and give your opinion.The latest innovation of Chocolate Class is great.I have not seen such a good collection of the varieties of cocao in many years. And being able to try different samples and converse about the nuances is wonderful. If you just go for the quarter chocolate bar spend a couple bits more and learn quality- and do some nibs even. Anyone know a "callebaut"?There are a great deal of chocolate places-
This is a destination. Spend some time. Ask, sample, taste, learn, and enjoy.
08.22.11 Richard F. Newark, CA
Cuisine Type:
  • Coffee Bar/Espresso
  • Desserts

Born from a love for life and all its magical possibilities, the inception of Sweet Mona's Chocolate Boutique developed from Mona Newbauer’s passion for chocolate, and her uncanny ability to create delicious and enticing recipes.


A graduate of Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, BC, Sweet Mona is always experimenting with new recipes and product ideas, with a never ending devotion to offering the very best in handmade chocolates!


Located in Langley, WA, our little jewel of a shop expanded from its humble beginning, selling its famously delicious handmade truffles at the local Farmers’ Market, to a bustling shop that offers espressos, lattes, Italian sodas, gelato, bubble tea, and of course, chocolate!


With our extensive selection of mouthwatering treats, you’ll find your perfect guilty pleasure among our uniquely crafted chocolates.


With a 5 star rating from both Amazon and the San Francisco Chef’s Roundtable, you’ll love our wide assortment of delectable treats featuring milk, dark and light chocolates, including:


Buttery Caramel Truffles of Distinction Brittle & Seafoam Drinking Chocolate Nuts & Fruits Bits & Bars


Stop in, or order our awarding winning chocolates online!


  • Sweet Mona’s has an unending devotion to offering the very best in handcrafted chocolates
  • Offering espressos, lattes, Italian sodas, gelato, and of course, chocolate!
  • Enjoy Buttery Caramel, Truffles, Brittle, Seafoam, Drinking Chocolate, and assorted nut varieties
  • Awarding winning chocolates including 5 star rating on Amazon and 5 stars at the San Francisco Chef’s Roundtable.