Seibukan Karatedo Oak Harbor

350 SE Pioneer Way, Suite 104 , Oak Harbor, WA, US, 98277 | Directions
Opening hours
Monday-Friday 5:00am-7:00pm
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Welcome to Seibukan Karate-Do Oak Harbor, owned and operated by Sensei Hideaki Zakimi in Oak Harbor, WA.


Zakimi sensei has achieved success as an international competitor, winning many tournaments in Japan and Mexico, and has taught Karatedo practitioners from around the world.


The purpose and values taught by Zakimi in his classes include:

To strive for the perfection of character To defend the paths of truth To foster the spirit of effort To honor the principles of etiquette To guard against impetuous courage


If you desire to learn self defense, acquire a new skill, and enhance your physical and mental well being, Seibukan Karatedo Oak Harbor offers a wonderful opportunity to achieve all of these.


Classes are available for all ages. Call them for more information!