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by WhidbeyLocal 19.09.16
I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 15 years and struggled to find a doctor who could truly help me with various issues. When I met Dr. Jarrell, I finally found someone that understands my specific hearing loss and knew what to do about it. I am very happy with her professionalism because a lot of doctors just try to sell you hearing aids and don’t try to make sure you get the best ones for your specific hearing loss.

She was really pleasant working with me to try and find exactly what I needed. She determined that I only had certain frequencies that were damaged, and then she zeroed in on a hearing aid that only amplifies my specific loss. Since I’ve been going to Dr. Jarrell it has truly changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else and I try to tell as many people as I can about her!
-Steve S.

I found Dr. Jarrell when I had the flu, it settled in my ear and I went almost completely deaf in one ear. I wasn’t sure what to do, because I didn’t really know what was wrong. I just knew I couldn’t hear and so someone recommended Dr. Jarrell. I visited her and she gave me a full test and I was so surprised to find out I was actually deaf. I realized I would need a hearing aid so Dr. Jarrell fitted me with one in just that ear. I sing high soprano, and one thing I was most concerned with was that I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore because I was afraid of being out of tune. She assured me that I would be able to hear, and it was her assurance that gave me the confidence to go back to the choir, and it’s worked out just fine. I feel I must have been her worst patient, yet she quietly listened to my fears and reassured me she understood how I felt. She was so gentle and understanding. I have to say she was extremely patient with me throughout this entire process; she worked with me until I was totally satisfied with the results, she didn’t just try and sell me a certain product like some other practices do. She is genuinely concerned about her patients and knows if something will work for their specific needs. She truly is honest and has great integrity, and I trust her completely! I carry her cards with me and give them out to people. Several of those people have gone to see her, and the feedback I get is that ‘we love her’!
~ Grace C.

As a former court appointed guardian ad litem (CASA) for Island County. I was in court for children I represented. I realized that I could not adequately hear the proceedings. I went to Dr. Jarrell and her knowledge and professional behavior far surpassed my expectations.
-Carolyn B

I went to Hearing Health Services because I needed a hearing test and to get new hearing aids. Dr. Jarrell at Hearing Health Services changed my life and I love this place. With new hearing technology I can hear things I was not able to hear and I love what Dr. Jarrell has done for me in the last 8 years."
- Tim B

I went to Hearing Health Services searching for good service and help with my hearing. Dr. Jarrell really responded to my needs. Hearing Health Services is a very cool professional business."
- Dorothy A.


Hearing Health Services is Coupeville's premier audiolgy clinic.


Kristine Jarrell, Board-Certified Audiologist, in Coupeville, WA has provided exceptional audiology care for children and adults on Whidbey Island for over 21 years. With an unending dedication to patient satisfaction, Dr. Jarrell has earned the “Best Audiologist on Whidbey Island” award the last six years in a row.


   FREE hearing consultations and screenings

   Risk free hearing aid trials – call for details!

   Diagnostic assessments for patients of all ages

   Quality care provided with honesty and integrity

   Tinnitus evaluations

   Individualized treatment options for established hearing loss and hearing     loss prevention

   State of the art hearing and technology including blue tooth & iPhone           compatible devices


Making sure she prescribes hearing aid devices that are best suited for each patient, Dr. Jarrell doesn’t limit products to just one manufacturer. She offers top of the line devices from the preeminent manufacturers in the industry, including:







Do you have insurance? Hearing Health Services is a preferred provider for most major insurance carriers, including TRICARE, VA Choice, Washington State L & I, Kaiser and Medicare.


Contact Dr. Jarrell today for a FREE hearing consultation and begin the journey to better hearing and improved quality of life.