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AP Top Stories August 17 A

Here's the latest for Wednesday August 17th: Giuliani to go before special grand jury in Atlanta; Liz Cheney loses Wyoming primary; Sen. Lisa Murkowski survives Alaska primary; Two states must draw less water from Colorado River.      

17th, August 2022, g:i AM

Nepal's holy river choked with sewage, trash

High on a mountain in the Himalayas, the pristine headwater of the Bagmati river falls from the mouth of a tiger statue. For the Hindu majority nation, the river is long revered as having the power to purify souls. But Nepal's holiest river has deteriorated so greatly that today it is also the country's most polluted. (Aug. 17) (AP video/Upendra Mansingh and Niranjan Shrestha)      

16th, August 2022, g:i PM

Wind energy and golden eagles collide in US West

The rush to build wind farms to combat climate change is colliding with preservation of one of the U.S. West's most spectacular predators, the golden eagle. Scientists say the species is teetering on the edge of decline. (Aug. 17)      

16th, August 2022, g:i PM

"Back to school" brings a focus on mental health

As student mental health reached crisis levels last year, schools across the country are now introducing a variety of creative new coping tools. (Aug. 17)      

16th, August 2022, g:i PM

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