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Create Space Langley promotes the concept that all humans are wired for creativity

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5719 Pioneer Park Place, Langley, WA,

  Lauryn Taylor and Chris Jacobs became the owners of the former 1504 Coffee Shop in October 2010....
Melissa Koch is an artful activist working out of Blueschool Arts in Clinton
Liesel Lund assumes ownership, and expands the art space, of Studio 106 Gallery in Langley
Artisan Crafted Home provides a unique experience of functional art and home décor
Whidbey Working Artists Summer Open Studio Tour - August 26 & 27 - 61 Artists Participating
Rob Schouten Gallery presents  Expressions of Light - Whidbey and Beyond paintings by Teresa Saia June 1 - July 1
Holly Ihrig’s Beach Cove Jewelry on Whidbey Island: Jewelry inspired by Nature
The Northwest Language and Cultural Center, based on Whidbey Island, is building bridges of understanding between...
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