Whidbey Island V-Day 1 Billion Rising Dance Flash MOB ilizations~with "Break The Chain"

by WhidbeyLocal 00:06:47
http://butopia.net Scenes from three Dance MOBilizations on S. Whidbey Island; produced/directed & choreographed by Maureen Momo Freehill with support of Sommer Joy Albertsen for leadership of "Break the Chain" Choreography & dance MOBs of AMAZING Whidbey Women, Men & Children... danced to the music "Full Woman" by Rachel Bagby; "River of Birds" & "Break the Chain". Camera by John Shinneman & Donna Vanderheiden. Special thanks to Christine Tasseff and her 5Rhythms dance offerings. Bows of GRATITUDE to support of Sojourn Studios, Clinton Ferry Terminal Staff, OM Wines & everyBODY who contributed to this..please add your name in comments below if you were there and not listed here...Thanks!!
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